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Current Version

Version 1.5.5 - released 8/8/2008  (Watch the Video)
  • Fully updated template system. All templates now stored in tmpl folder and component subfolder with control over 95% of visual aspects of each site.
  • Added mod-rewrite to allow for much more search-engine friendly URLs for category. Category group, and product pages
  • Updated search functionality with caching to speed up search results, and modified code to provide more relevant and robust results
  • Added "Show by" sorting on category and product group pages to give customers a more intuitive view of product listings
  • Added Export utility to easily export Customer and Product data to HTML or CSV (Microsoft® Access- and Excel-compatible)
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Previously Released Versions

Version 1.5.2 - released 6/13/2008
  • Added estimated shipping calculator to cart
  • Added LightBox image overlay component to front-end enlarged images
  • Fixed bug in Template generator include file which showed broken images for Featured products on systems upgraded from before v.1.5.0
  • Fixed tiny bug on Product Modify that stopped Best Seller changes from "sticking" on servers not using automatic GET/POST variables
Version 1.5.1 - released 5/31/2008
  • Added ability to update or remove multiple Products, Orders and Customers at one time
  • Added simple visitor tracking to site and miniview to Admin main page
  • Server fix for servers who do not support cookie handling between HTTP/HTTPS
  • Updated database table optimization to auto-find all tables and optimize
  • Added functionality to view orders for a specific customer
  • Fixed tiny bug on last page of "Send Email" function which stopped email from sending on servers not using automatic GET/POST variables
Version 1.5.0 - released 7/15/2006, updated through 5/25/2008
  • Changed overall look and feel of BackOffice Manager
  • Added changeable styles to BackOffice Manager in new nav point 'BackOffice Settings'
  • Added tooltips throughout BackOffice Manager to reduce text clutter
  • Added "Quick Edit" bar to most BackOffice listings for faster, more streamlined updates of products, orders, etc...
  • Updated Category functionality to allow for unlimited levels of categories/sub-categories
  • Replaced Manufacturer functionality with new Product Groups functionality to allow for much more powerful product classification
  • Added templating system and new 'tmpl' folder to allow for easy design changes to front-end pages
  • Added new paging style option using simple Next/Previous buttons
  • Added Category and Product Group names/descriptions to search results
  • Added additional security to Search feature to protect against vulnerabilities
  • Fixed bug on all instances of SPAW rich-text editor where library images would not display when re-edited, and saving a second time would result in a broken image
  • Fixed bug which slowed down editing of products when more than 2500 products were stored in the database
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes
Version 1.3.1 - released 6/1/2006
  • Added multiple new BackOffice homepage features: Quick Search, Pending Orders, and Online Sales, Top 10 Selling Products, Top 35 Catalog Searches, and Top 10 Customers graphing components
  • Added beta-version of developer installer utility
Version 1.1.5 - released 2/1/2006
  • Updated logout notification to allow for access to mini-login for quick re-entry into the BackOffice Manager after session timeout
  • Added quick access links to front-end site from BackOffice Manager after editing of any product, category, or manufacturer

Original Version

Version 1.0 - released 4/1/2005

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